Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EBRPD gives bicyclists the middle finger yet again

Here's the EBRPD's latest insult to bicycle riders, their second-largest user group:
"The following trails will be closed weekdays only, beginning as soon as Tuesday, July 15, and lasting possibly through September, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a hazardous tree and fuel mitigation project: Phillips’ Loop, Eucalyptus Trail, and East Ridge Trail between Skyline Gate and Prince Trail. Equestrians and hikers may use Stream and Prince trails to bypass the project zone. Bicyclists will not be able to bypass the project zone and will need to turn around at the junction of East Ridge and Prince trails."

For those who don't know Redwood Regional Park well, the only legal bicycle ride in the park is a loop of East Ridge and West Ridge -- both wide, dusty fire roads. Meanwhile, hikers, dogs, and 1000-pound horses can use all the beautiful, narrow-gauge trails throughout the entire park. (You can see the map here.)

With this trail closure, the EBRPD has blocked bicycle riders from the only legal ride in the park. As is usual in the EBRPD, horses and hikers get a detour...but bicyclists just get a middle finger. Did you think you were almost done with your ride? Out of water? Too bad! Turn around and do your entire ride again, but in reverse.

The EBRPD continues to make it clear that once you get on a bicycle, they view you as a second-class citizen that doesn't deserve to use your own public lands. This is why we oppose giving the EBRPD any more money until people on bicycles have the same access to their own parkland as people on horses or people on foot.

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