Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The EBRPD's Fake "Checklist" Procedure

The EBRPD banned people on bicycles from their entire trail system overnight, unilaterally. Yet to regain access, they demand each individual section of trail go through a year-long process called the "Checklist".

This process is fake, and was created to give the appearance of listening to the 30% or so of the population that rides bicycles on dirt, while continuing to exclude us from our own public land. Here is the proof:

Over the last ten years, 40 trails have been requested for bicycle access under the Checklist process and its predecessors.
Of these requests, the EBRPD refused to consider 32, leaving just 8 trails to enter the process.
Of these 8 trails, they approved 4.
One has since been bulldozed to road width and is no longer a trail.
One is still not open to bicycle use years after being "approved."
This means that two trails, with a total length of under 1.5 miles, have been opened to people on 10 years.

There are 138 miles of narrow-gauge or singletrack trails on public land the EBRPD controls. At this rate, we will have equal access by the year 2994.

(Do you think this is too long to wait? So do we. Tell your EBRPD board representative that you oppose any renewal of Measure AA as long as people on bicycles are excluded from East Bay trails.)

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