Monday, April 7, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? We are East Bay voters, taxpayers, and environmentalists. Sometimes we ride bicycles.

What do we want? We want equal access to trails in our parks and open space, and we oppose giving the EBRPD another $500 million in taxes and bonds as long as we are excluded. (This is "Measure WW", and it will be on the November ballot for residents of Alameda and Contra Costa counties.) If you want the longer explanation, read our flyer.

How can you help us? That's easy!

  • Read our flyer. (Note: we're in the middle of an update...pardon our dust.)
  • Write a letter to your EBRPD council member. If you haven't done this already, do it now.
  • Register to vote if you haven't already.
I've already done that, how can I do more?
  • Spread this website to your family, friends, and riding partners, or give them a flyer if they don't like dealing with the Internet.
  • Print and make copies of the flyer (double-sided, please, to save paper) and distribute them to local bike shops, cycling clubs, or anyplace else East Bay cyclists and voters congregate.
  • Help us make a nicer-looking website, better flyers, and so on. Got pictures of trails damaged by cows, horses, or EBRPD trucks, or fading away into invisibility because they're no longer used? Got more nutty stories of EBRPD mayhem? Are our facts wrong somewhere? Talk to us: info23 bettereastbayparks org
How can I contact you? info23 bettereastbayparks org

Thanks for your attention and support!

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